1. LPG Terminal Solutions

For LPG terminals, Mehran Metal Containers Pvt. Limited provides extensive consultancy and support solutions. Our professional team of engineers and consultants can assist you with the counsel and direction you seek to ensure the efficient operation of your LPG terminal. We can facilitate you in developing an effective operational strategy by identifying and addressing any safety or environmental hazards and providing perpetual upkeep and assistance. We remain committed to developing robust and economical solutions simply because we recognize various challenges associated with operating an LPG terminal. Our expert assistance can serve you at each step because we are well-versed in each aspect of LPG terminal management. Enlist our assistance to ensure the successful operation of your LPG terminal.

Our services include LPG storage and filling station installation. We offer expert assistance involving conceptualization, engineering, acquisition, execution, and authorization for the set-up of these plants. Our proficiency is in the planning, development, and construction of these types of plants, and we offer the essential direction to ensure that the project is completed effectively. In addition, we offer the conditioning and technical assistance required for plant maintenance and management. Our services also encompass handling inventory, safety protocols, and other pertinent plant-related subjects.

A consulting service for cylinder and pressure vessel production and inspection involves a thorough evaluation of the vessel structure, components, and production procedure. In addition to executing an extensive evaluation of the vessel, it will include reviewing the design plans, material requirements, and welding specifications. Throughout the evaluation, the expert in charge will search for any faults or deficiencies in the pressure vessel and its constituent components, including the seams, welds, and other regions that are subjected to stresses. Along with recommending any necessary remedial steps, the consultant will also look for potential safety hazards or risk factors for failure. Additionally, the consultant could offer counsel and direction to guarantee that the pressure vessel is constructed and inspected in compliance with relevant industry standards. To enhance the pressure vessel’s reliable and secure operation, our experts will also offer suggestions for any alterations or upgrades that could be necessary.

From the preliminary site inspection and design to the eventual installation and commissioning, the setup of oil storage terminals necessitates a variety of services. To guarantee the efficient installation of an oil storage terminal, our consultancy service may offer the requisite competence. A consultation firm will need to comprise, but not be restricted to, the following, conditioned by the intricacy and scope of the project:

  • Designing and engineering expertise, such as determining the ideal storage vessel dimension, structure, and configuration, as well as the necessary facilities such as pumps, pipes, and other fixtures.
  • Acquiring all essential apparatus, such as pumps, pipelines, storage vessels, and other component parts.
  • Site inspection and setup, including grading and preparing the area, establishing foundations and other required structures as well as setting up safety gear.
  • Project supervision involves organizing tasks, maintaining track of outcomes, and coordinating with all stakeholders.
  • Assembly of each component, for instance, pipelines, pumps, storage containers, and other apparatus.
  • Authorization of the entire framework, involving functionality and evaluation of components.
  • Assistance for maintenance and replacements, consisting of regular system inspections and equipment upgrades.
  • To guarantee the efficient installation of an oil storage terminal, our consultancy service may offer the requisite competence.

Our consultancy services for fuel stations and charging setups for electric vehicles are determined by the complexity of the project, the services you seek, and the specialization held by our consultant. Project supervision, site selection, preliminary research, design and development, installation, and maintenance are instances of standard services. Additionally, the consultant service may offer guidance about the current guidelines and requirements for establishing operating petrol stations and EV charging setups.

For a business owner, project reports are essential for obtaining knowledge about the subject at hand, planning investments, or submitting them to industrial authorities or financial organizations. At MMCL, our specialists can offer comprehensive execution roadmaps, sensitivity evaluations, cost estimations, payback and return on investment (ROI), and technical parameters. We propose a team of experienced professionals and support services to financial firms for weighing proposals. We also extend our services to foreign clients who are interested in making direct investments in Pakistan, providing them with initial assistance and guidance on various governing laws and regulations.

Mehran Metal Containers Pvt. Limited offers comprehensive engineering assistance in every domain necessary for the effective completion of a project. Preparation specifications, Requests for Quotations (RFQ), and tender documentation containing specifications needed for legislative approvals are all incorporated within our service scope along with planning and comprehensive engineering assistance. Listed below are the phases of our assistance.

In compliance with the authorized Quality Assurance Plan, Mehran Metal Containers Pvt. Limited visits supplier facilities to conduct stage-by-stage inspections and verifies that all inquiry specifications are completely satisfied. Our team additionally conducts expedited inspections to make sure that the supplier is adhering to the stated production timeline. Each visit’s specifics, including its status and any potential problems, are shared with the client along with recommendations for how to address them.

For every area of expertise, Mehran Metal Containers Pvt. Limited assigns teams of engineers and a project coordinator to guarantee that all site operations take place in accordance with technical specifications. The project timeline is meticulously adhered to by holding periodic onsite discussions, reviewing them, and submitting progress updates. Additionally, the teams assist with preliminary commissioning and ultimately commission task scheduling. The group maintains adherence to the Health and Safety Executive’s guidelines and optimum safety protocols.

The team of experts at Mehran Metal Containers Pvt. Limited offers extensive project management assistance, which includes creating and maintaining a thorough project schedule, setting objectives, producing quarterly and periodic progress reports, and monitoring project advancement. Similarly, it guarantees that senior management remains fully apprised regarding the project’s day-to-day operations.

Expertise in pertinent regulations, legislation, and processes is necessary for regulatory audits and government authorization, which demand advanced expertise in these areas. Reviewing papers, analyzing financial data, gathering proof, and producing a report that satisfies the demands of the governing agency approving the audit are all part of the course of action. The consultants are well-versed in the applicable rules and regulations and capable of clearly communicating the audit procedure and findings to all parties involved. Along with possessing expertise in pertinent accounting concepts and reporting criteria, the consultant should be able to offer efficient guidance to fulfill the regulatory parameters.

For instrumentation and other equipment used in companies and factories, testing and calibration are crucial to guaranteeing its precision and reliability. As part of these services, the equipment is tested and calibrated to determine any differences between the device’s efficiency and its anticipated standards. Usually, the service starts with an evaluation of the concerned gadget. This evaluation entails a physical examination of the equipment alongside a reading of its user handbook and other supporting materials. Following the evaluation, the technician looks for differences between the predicted and actual performance. Based on these findings, the technician creates a strategy for testing and calibrating the equipment to make sure it satisfies all requirements.

The testing procedure, which often includes operating the equipment under various circumstances to ascertain its reliability and precision, can then be started by the specialist. This might entail evaluating the device’s functionality at various pressures and temperatures, seeing how it reacts to particular inputs, and contrasting the outcomes with predicted numbers. After testing is over, the technician will make sure that the equipment is functioning within the predetermined ranges by using specialized calibration instruments. A report detailing the outcomes and a certificate of calibration will be given by the technician when the testing and calibration are finished.

Non-Destructive Testing

A broad scope of specialized testing services, known as Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), assesses the quality of a product without jeopardizing or damaging it. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is a widely utilized technique in many different sectors and applications, including aviation, automotive, production, construction, and healthcare, to identify and evaluate any problems in a product. Product flaws such as deterioration, wear, fatigue, and fractures can be investigated through nondestructive testing (NDT) procedures. NDT services typically consist of imaging techniques, magnetic particle analysis, eddy current (EC) examinations, visual inspection, ultrasonic analysis, and other cutting-edge methods. Using non-destructive methods, these approaches enable experts to identify and assess problems with a material or product, guaranteeing its dependability and safety.

API Plant Inspection

For every organization, API Plant Inspection is a credible and efficient cloud-based tool that allows businesses to swiftly and easily evaluate plants for potential health and safety hazards. In compliance with American Institute of Petroleum guidelines, it provides an extensive set of functions and resources to assist businesses in conducting speedy and precise plant inspections. Users can submit snapshots of their plants via API Plant Inspection, which automatically detects concerns including pests, illnesses, and other hazards. Along with providing thorough information about individual facilities, the system can further generate summaries for tracking inspection. To further assist customers in keeping track of plant safety, it offers alert and notification facilities.

Tank Survey and Calibration Services

For tanks utilized throughout industrial sectors, Tank Survey & Calibration Service offers meticulous and accurate calibration and measurement operations. For each undertaking, we pledge to provide our clients with the highest possible custom-built service and precision. Our qualified technicians guarantee precise readings and measurements for your tanks by employing up-to-date technological advancements. Our services include capacity evaluation, volumetric estimations, leakage and corrosion experiments, tank scrutiny, and a lot more. We ensure unparalleled assurance and precision by performing all of our services in harmony with applicable legislation and guidelines. Our thorough quality assurance procedures guarantee that every service we provide is delivered with maximal precision and keen attention to detail.

Corrosion Control Consultation

At Mehran Metal Containers Pvt. Limited, we provide an extensive Corrosion Control Consultation, including corrosion evaluation, tracking, and remediation services. The top-performing anti-corrosion techniques and equipment are reviewed, determined, and put into practice with the assistance of our clientele. Corrosion-inhibiting agents, cathode shielding, and anti-corrosion coverings are merely some of the corrosion-proofing solutions that we offer. Our team of competent specialists has the expertise and concrete experience to deliver efficient anti-corrosion solutions.

Quality Assurance/Quality Control Assistance

Assistance for quality assurance and control, commonly referred to as QA/QC Services, assists you in ensuring that all binding agreements, legal requirements, and quality standards are fulfilled. The quality of all the resources, frameworks, component parts, and subsystems used in the development, production, and maintenance of industrial premises is monitored by QA/QC services, which also ensure that production errors are entirely eradicated. At MMCL, we are capable of providing QA/QC services globally considering our cutting-edge assets and expertise. Thus, we have the competence to assist with maintaining excellence across all aspects of your supply line.

Inspection Service for Lifting Equipment

As specified in the applicable Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) guidelines, several testing procedures constitute an inspection of lifting equipment including cranes and puller systems. These evaluations are conducted to ascertain that the cranes and pulley machines are operating in compliance with safety requirements. Lifting equipment undergoes evaluation in line with applicable inspection codes, under the supervision of an accredited engineer.