Hazmat Drums

The Steel Hazmat Drums from Mehran Metal Containers Pvt. Ltd. are United Nations Certified for their use as external Recovery Packaging. Generally, these recycling steel drums serve as a means of storage of insubordinate, impaired, or malfunctioning barrels carrying hazardous substances.

Premium Features of Steel Hazmat Drums

  • Durable exterior finish with a powdered coating
  • Approximately 60 gallons or 230 liters of various-sized drums can fit within an 85 gallons or 300 liters Hazmat overdrum.
  • Recommended for recovering drums, sanitation tasks, and accidental spills.
  • An interim remedy in the remote possibility of steel drum leakages.
  • United Nations Certified steel Hazmat
    drums for up to X 496 kg and Y1.
  • Industrial-strength bolt closing ring 
  • Complimentary vented bungs

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